Which way to go designing vs development

Web Designing and web development, both terms create dubiety in many minds. Some may seem confused as to what suits them more or may have a fickle mind about both professions.

Our post today will try to draw a line differentiating both and will help those who need a clear perspective regarding this.

Web designer vs Web Developer

1) A web designer emphasizes on the look and feel of a website, whereas, a web developer fabricate the inner functionalities of a website

2) A designer deals with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while, a developer lay his/her hands on programming languages (PHP, .NET, Python, C, and Ruby) and so.

3) Designer is generally apt with the knowledge of color scheming and the graphics, a Developer devises the user interface, on the other hand.

4) Designer is right-brained i.e. he has uniqueness creativity, imagination and strong intuition, while, a developer is left-brained i.e. logical and technical.

I hope the post made you to draw a thin line between the two and for further assistance, we #avitech are here to serve the purpose for you.

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